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Women live longer than men, yet they lag behind men in income, retirement savings and the financial know-how to create a secure future for themselves and their families. Having seen these trials in her own family, publisher Sandy Franks joined forces with financial security expert and two-time New York Times best-selling author Pamela Yellen to launch Women's Financial Alliance.

Sandy describes herself as a "Crusader for Women's Rights to Wealth." The Alliance and its new E-letter, Women's Financial Edge empower women of all ages to take control of their financial futures – and gain the self-confidence and freedom from worry that come with being self-sufficient. Despite the gains they have made in the workforce and economy these goals still elude many women. Recent research reveals:

* Women accumulated 40 percent less savings than men for retirement.
* Only 7 percent of women feel confident they'll be able to fully retire with a comfortable lifestyle.
* Just one-third of women feel they're knowledgeable about financial products and services.

"Women face a unique set of challenges when it comes to meeting their financial goals," Sandy says. "We live longer, spend fewer years in the workforce and get consistently smaller paychecks than men. We are simply at greater risk of outliving our money."

That's why she decided to join with Yellen, author of THE BANK ON YOURSELF REVOLUTION, to make women's retirement security their personal crusade. Women's Financial Alliance features advice on alternative ways to build a comfortable retirement to the risky investment schemes of Wall Street, plus practical advice on everything from how women can start their own "kitchen table" empire to clever ways to stretch every dollar they earn.

Women's Financial Alliance is a part of Contrarian Profits a subsidiary of Agora Inc., one of the largest and most successful consumer newsletter publishers in the world. Their mission is to celebrate the virtue of thinking independently and taking responsibility for your own life.

Sandy became a Crusader for the Women's Rights to Wealth through experiences in her own family. She witnessed her mother-in-law, a new widow, struggle with finances. "They were a very traditional couple. He was a retired marine and the man took care of the finances. So when he passed and it went to her, she had no clue what to do," Sandy recalls.

Franks' husband and his sisters stepped in to help their mom. But the experience made her realize there are many women who are unprepared to take control of their finances. She talked with friends and saw that they and their loved ones had experienced the same struggles.

Franks consulted with Yellen, an authority on financial security, literacy and self-sufficiency, about several ideas, including newsletters for women on retirement and investing. They quickly agreed on the idea of an alliance – a community organized to share information on the best strategies for women to meet their financial needs.

"We have the same interests in mind and we are equally passionate about this," Sandy says. "We're bringing together a variety of women who are experts in various fields that can help other women who are in that position, where they need someone they can turn to get advice on how to manage money, how to plan for retirement, and just to understand finances in general."

The Alliance will fill a need for women who, according to surveys, are often uncomfortable talking about their finances, especially with male brokers and advisors. Through the Alliance, women no longer need to feel like they are being talked down to, or afraid to ask questions to educate themselves.

"I look at this as a grassroots movement to help women achieve financial independence and freedom in a stress-free way, and make them feel confident," Sandy says. "We want to provide that for them so that they can feel comfortable with being able to make decisions related to their finances, whether it's paying down debt or how to plan for retirement."

Visit Sandy's public website at www.TheWomensFinancialEdge.com

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